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The Annual ASN Semniar

One of the ASN Federation's main events is the Annual ASN Seminar. This is a get-together for all ASN practitioners world wide. It is a chance for all pracitioners to meet each other, train together and make new contacts. Not to mention the opportunity to train with Grandmaster Burke in person. All personal members and students at member schools are welcome at the seminar.

The program at the seminar consists of training with Grandmaster Burke, news about the American Style Nunchaku and the Federation, black belt's meeting and evening program. It is great fun!

The 2012 Annual ASN Seminar was held at April 25th.

Article on the 2012 Seminar
Article on the 2010 Seminar
ASN Seminar Invitation 2012
   Date: April 25th
   Location: Richmond, VA
   Price: $40
American Family Fitness Center
11760 W Broad St
Richmond, VA 23233-1005
(804) 364-1200

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