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Chakus Competition

The Chakus Competition is an American Style Nunchaku -tournament annually arranged by the ASN Federation. Any personal member of the ASN Federation or practitioner at a member school may participate in the tournament.

It is a competition of skill and accuracy and the rules are very simple. You film yourself doing the correct form and and then send us the video. All entries will be judged by Grandmaster Burke and the best competitors will be awarded. Competition results will be posted here on the webpage.

Usually there are several different competition branches. Colored belts are divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced, and black belts into lower black belts and masters. The branches may change from year to year with the number of competitors. The required form for each branch may also change. You must read the rules before you enter.

More info on the Chakus 2012 Competition in the right column.

Chakus Competition

Chakus 2012 invitation
Chakus Competition Rules
Results 2011:
1st place - John Martin
2nd place - Mike Steltzer
3rd place - CG Oley

1st place - Jane Forsstrom
2nd place - Jenny Hjulfors
3rd place - Karoliina Hellen
Results 2010:
1st place - Tim Rupert
2nd place - John Martin
3rd place - Mike Steltzer

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